Ag-nail prevention Remedies In Home

Their are lot of nail brittle nail,nail infection,nail broken etc.But the more than 50 percentage of the population in India are suffering of agnail. Agnail is the infection or wound over the toe nail or other nails in foot.It is painful and problematic also.Some time that pain will lead to problems to our gesture and posture during walking and movement also.

It is also known as toe nail fungal.It will make dirty and bad appearance also.It is painful disease .Fungal infection is the main reason behind this problem.this disorder is not good for health of nail also.It its complicated stages it will leads to nail removal also.Majority of peoples will choose lot of chemical ointments which are temporary effective and cause more side effects also.

This disorder can is curable with a simple home remedy stated in Ayurveda.Let see what is that.Tea tree oil is a good solution to prevent this disease.Application of this oil using a cotton over the area of affecting is a good way ti prevent this problem.Application of mixture made of olive oil and organo oil is also a good way to prevent this problem.It is a good solution to prevent this agnail. Application of paste made of turmeric powder over the affected area is also an  effective remedy to prevent this problem.Washing with mixture of lavender oil and tea tree oil is also a good remedy for preventing this problem.