Are You Addicted To Tea, If Have This Symptoms Definitely

Are You Addicted To Tea,If Have This Symptoms Definitely You Are

For keralites drinking tea is a habitual activity.Majority are starting their day with a cup of tea.Even with or with out milk and sugar kerlites like to drink their favorite drink.Some of peoples even not have any counts that how much tea had they taken.

Drinking tea with break fast,at 11’o’ clock at the office,evening in the office on the way back to home,when reached home these all are the main timing whcih majority like to drink tea.But be aware of drinking tea in plenty.Let see what all are the signs and symptoms of addiction towards tea.

Can’t start a day without taking a tea is a sign of addiction

Problems to do morning activity without that

Even at the availability of coffee trying to make or find a source of tea is also a sign.

Discomfort on unavailability of tea on habitual drinking time

Accepting it at any time of offering a tea

Anticipating tea even at the time of happy,sad or any mood.

Drinking it along with smoking

Even a though of good atmosphere or time only along with tea.

Need a cup of tea even at the time of ill also.

These all are the signs of addiction towards tea.