Banana Peel To Make Tooth White

Banana Peel To Make Tooth White
Banana peel is good to make tooth whiten and ti remove yellow coloration over tooth.Even if it is funny for hearing it is an effective remedy to make white tooth.

Potassium and magnesium and present in the banana peel is responsible for making tooth white.This will absorb dirt’s and yellow coloration over the tooth.This will helps to make tooth white.
Their are lot of ways to make tooth white in color.But the moist less side effects remedy to make tooth white is the remedy using banana peel.

Whitening using chemical agents will cause problems to tooth and may can leads to decay of enamel which is the put covering of tooth. We can make tooth white in color with in simple days. let see what all are the steps to make tooth white using banana peel.

take a ripened banana peel.Rub inner side of the peel over the tooth rub for minimum of 10 minutes and tooth kept.After it brush it without using paste.Repeat it for continues 15 days you can feel the difference.