There are a lot of unknown benefits are associated with walking, even more when it is bare foot. it is generally believed that walking barefoot on land, grass has myriad of benefits in many ways to human body. Walking bare foot in land is termed as earthing. immense benefits. According to many studies conducted by different scientists world over ,believed that earthing has certain scientific principle which ultimately contributes to sound health.

It is termed that when you walk through the ground barefoot, you can absorb electrons from the land and there by improve the conduction system of your body. of course , their may be a doubt arises whether there is any connection between electric system and body. certainly it is. the conduction system of body is an integral part of entire communication system. It also influences the electric activity of the brain too. Moreover, barefoot walk increases the immunity, cardiac function and neural activities. Besides the conduction related benefits, there are outstanding advantages are reported by scientists.of all these, it improves the vision.

As the contact with earth increases the neural activity it provide more health to eyes. Further entire body is connected with earth , it helps the eyes to concentrate more on objects. In addition to that , earthing stimulates the brain to conduct impulses more fast and rapid. The medical professional suggested that their are a lot of pressure points are distributed all around the foot. when this points come in contact with earth ,it stimulates to send more reflexes to all around the body.

this relaxes keeps your body fit and healthy. Earth has an incredible platform for energy transmission. The magnetic field, neutral points in the earth all are help to improve the health in many ways. This exchange of energy neutralize the body’s excess energy demands. Walking barefoot on grass helps to improve the stress coping mechanism of the body. so there are a lot of benefits are associated with earthing.