Benefits Of Cucumber And Way Of Using It

Benefits Of Cucumber And Way Of Using It
One of the most common vegetable which majority like to eat is cucumber.It is good to make many variety of dishes.It has lot of health and medicinal benefits also.But way of using to cure and ti prevent diseases are different.Let see how much medicinal use does cucumber has.

Eating of That vegetable with its peel in summer is good for health.

Cucumber extract which is mixed with pepper powder and lime juice is good ti prevent all type of urinary obstruction.It is also good for cardiac and renal patients.

It is good to maintain health of skin also.Paste made of cucumber which peel is removed is good to apply over face will helps to increase skin color and to prevent pimples and skin folds over skin.Same thing over the application over stomach will helps to prevent stretch marks due to pregnancy and delivery.

Paste made of flesh of cucumber application is also good to prevent urinary obstruction and problems related to urinary system.Peoples who suffering of blood pressure had an option to take cucumber juice in empty stomach and before hours of taking food is good measure to prevent it.

It is also good to prevent constipation also.