Egg is a protein rich nutrient commonly given to children as well as adults. Moreover , we can make a lot of delicious cuisines by using eggs.Pepper is also not an exception in this matter.Pepper can be used as a herbal medicine in many cases. it is commonly seen that pepper is added in  omelet  to increase its  taste . Of course , it has myriad benefits in many ways. Here we would like to describe the medicinal properties of egg- pepper mixture.

Egg and pepper mixture is a good combination which provides aplenty energy to human body, it will keep the individual fresh and active all around the day. Subsequently, the combination of egg- pepper increases the iron content of body. This will escalate the hemoglobin content of the blood and it is also  a reason for the provision of energy. It is best remedial measure for anemia and its symptoms.

As it is a combination of rich protein resources , it helps body building and muscle development. that is why this is a favorite dish of most body builders. At the same time ,this mixture reduces the chances of depositing cholesterol and there by keep the individual free from the  risks such as hypertension , heart attack etc.further, it shoots up the body metabolic process too.

In addition to that, it is good for the brain development. Choline , a chemical substance seen in egg is effective for memory. Furthermore, it reduces the risk of cataract in older people.Older people often show different kinds of eye problems. Regular intake of this mixture serves as a better option to mitigate such many problems. As pepper is a taste enhances usually elderly have this dish without any hesitation.

Another medicinal property of egg pepper mixture is its vitamin richness. vitamin D is an essential component of bone metabolism, it  is generally  suggested that egg pepper is very much beneficial for the bone strength. Moreover, this combination helps to increase the absorption of calcium in the body.