Benefits Of Mustard,Traditional Usages Of It

Benefits Of Mustard,Traditional Usages Of It
One of the most using ingredient in kitchens of south India is mustard.Dishes without adding mustard is very little.Let see some nutritional and medicinal benefits of mustard.

Emulsion made of drumstick peel and mustard is good to prevent pain related to arthritis.Crushed paste made of mustard is good to prevent and cure head ache.

Dried ginger crushed with mustard oil is a good a good medicine to cure cough and related problems.Mustard,cumin,salt added curd Solution is a good drink.

Pouring of little mustard oil on the ear is good in prevention of ear secretion and ear pain.edema occurring because of bite by poisonous organisms can be prevented by application of mustard oil over such area.

Mustard is a good antibiotic.It is good to destroy majority of microorganisms.Perfect antibiotic effect in the mustard make sot kill many harmful microorganisms.

This is the reason which makes even from the bygone days peoples have a practice of putting mustard and chilly int he stove.which will kill the microorganism in the surroundings..

This scientific fact makes such practices as customs and beliefs. This health benefits for mustard is great in prevention of many disease also.Cheap price and availability is also a merit for mustard.