Benefits Of Banana With Black Dotted Peel

Benefits Of Banana With Black Dotted Peel
Banana is high nutrient fruit with plenty of medicinal values also.Benefits of banana is not limited also.Feel of fullness in stomach after eating it will helps to prevent over weight and obesity.It contains fiber,vitamins and lot of other nutrients in plenty.This makes banana more important to Americans even than apple and other lot of fruits.

Everybody like to eat banana with good yellow peel.Majority will ignore banana with black spots on the peel.This if the prejudiced feel of black is the sigh of bad fruit.But in the case of this fruit it is different.According the mount of black spots TNF in it will also increase. TNF is tumor necrosis factor.Which helps to prevent cancer growth in the body.

Let see what all are the health benefits of banana with black spotted peel.

It will prevent chest burn sensation and nausea.Presence of natural antioxidants are the responsible factor to prevent this problem.

It is good to maintain blood pressure as normal and to prevent hypertension.Sodium less and potassium richness of this fruit will also helps to prevent further cardiovascular diseases also.

It is a good fruit to suppl energy and nourishment to the body.

It will prevent anemia. Because Banana is a fruit with lot of iron in it.It will prevents iron deficiency and thereby anemia also.

Peptic ulcer is a disease which prevents intake of many foods.But banana is different even in such cases also.It is one of the fruit to be advised for ulcer patients.This will helps to prevent many abdominal problems also.

Banana will also helps to prevent over heat production of the body.Eating of this fruits will helps to prevent increasing body temperature and it will provide cooling effect both inside and outside the body.These all are the health benefits of eating banana with black spot on the peel.