It is quite natural for people to clap to encourage someone, applaud children in completions in order to make them cheerful and energetic. but how many of us know that clapping has certain health benefits. of course, may be it is unbelievable for some people that just striking both hands together has certain benefits. But experts speculate that clapping enable to make wide spread changes in body especial in neural system.

Some people even recommend clapping as a simple and effective exercise too. As laughing exercise clapping also considered as a fun making activity. In this hectic life , it is very essential to engage in some fun making activities. Let us discuss about the health benefits of clapping.

Many professionals suggest that clapping is a best strategy to reduce symptoms related to breathing problems. Clapping is good for better functioning of the lungs and heart. Cardio logical and phonological benefits are aplenty while people engaged in clapping.

Clapping has some benefits in bone and muscle growth. it is clearly specified in many health books. clapping can reduce the symptoms like severe joint pain, muscle spasm ,muscle ache , cramps and even degradation of bone . Relief got from clapping said to lasting for a long time. Or tho patients regularly have difficulty to do various kinds of exercises. Clapping is a simple exercise that quite possible for these patients. Some experts recommend clapping for even arthritis patients to reduce the pain and other symptoms.

Hypo tension is as serious as hypertension. Clapping helps hypertensive patients to maintain their blood pressure. The regulation of blood pressure maintains the sound health of heart. So keep clapping.
There are immense benefits are associated with clapping in children.

It is good for the digestion. Moreover it helps students to concentrate more on studies. Research suggests that clapping can help student to regain from learning disabilities. Because of these facts health professionals recommend to clap for sometimes. Daily habit of clapping prevents diabetics melitus , arthritis, hypertension and hair loss .
Professionals are requested to clap in between the duties to improve the blood circulation.