Benefits Of Olive Oil And Lemon Juice Mixture

Benefits Of Olive Oil And Lemon Juice Mixture
Both olive oil and lemon has lot of nutrient and health benefits.It is good in prevention of intoxication and improves health of the body.This solution helps to nourish and energetic the body.

It is good to improve cardiovascular health and prevent many cardiovascular diseases also.It can be used as a medicine related to many cardiac related problems. Both have lot of individual properties in improvement of cardiac health. Combination of both make it as wonderful medicine and drink for many diseases.

This mixture is good to prevent constipation and it aids easy motion passing also.Antioxidants present in olive oil and lemon is good to prevent toxin accumulation over body and stomach.Drinking of this medicine in every morning will prevent constipation.

It is a good pain killer also.This will prevent pain over joints.Daily taking of this medicine will prevent rheumatic pains also.Analgesic effect in this combination is good to prevent the pain.

Now a days peoples who were suffering of gall bladder stone is increasing day by day.Gall bladder stone may can cause many serious health issues and problems.Drinking olive oil and lemon juice solution in empty stomach is a good natural medicine to prevent gall bladder stone.