Benefits of Thulsi and Milk Mixture

Thulasi is not only holi plant but also it has lot of health benefits. It is a good medicine for many diseases which is a complete natural medicine also.

like that even milk is not a medicine it can give lot of health benefits.It will provide immunity and improve it. it will improve the health of bones by the huge amount of calcium present in it.

When the combination of both Thulasi and milk can provide lot of health and nutritional benefits.Combination of Tulsi and milk will cure fever eugenol is an antioxidant which present in Tulasi.

It is good for cardiac health in milk.It is composed of nutrients which is essential for the health of heart.Combination of both will helps in improve the health of heart and it will improve immunity.

This mixture will reduce stress tension etc.This done by the hormone balance providing buy it.

This will control the Uric acid level in the body it is a good medicine to prevent kidney stone also it will provide immunity and prevent cancer antibacterial properties present it will prevent many diseases.