Beware Of Drinking Bottled Water

Beware Of Drinking Bottled Water
In summer hot,it is really hard to think about a situation without water,Majority will search for drinking water in any way and any source.Now a days in this urban like people will depend bottled drinking water.Some the recent studies saying that drinking of bottled water can cause serious disease related to water borne.

Studies during the time of last 10 years saying that most of the water borne diseases is also causing also through bottled water.Also their are some other problems which cause very badly to heath due to drinking of water in bottle.Most of the plastic are made of bpa plastics which is highly harmful to health.

When such bottled become exposed to sunlight and heat can cause reactions and which may can be converted to toxins which will leads to serious diseases also. Moreover plastic products is not good for health.Majority of western countries are planning to ban plastics.

So doctors are advising to avoid plastic contents and related products. Because of such serious health issues doctor’s are advising to avoid plastics.Always keeping water in other than plastic bottles is a good remedy to prevent such diseases.Keep plastic away from life will keeps disease preventing life


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