Concepts Of Vasthu In Building House

Concepts Of Vasthu In Building House
Majority have the dream of building a house.Their are lot of beleifsd and concepts ot be followed before building a house.The term kannimoola is one the moset important factor to followed well before starting construciton of a house.The position of kannimoola should have to be kept clear for making eergy positive and negative.

Kannimoola being lower than normal level is may can make manu problems.So it is important that to make sure that kannimoola have to be elevated than normal level.Beleif is that this regeon should have to be free from septoc tanks,toilets,well and drainages.Building such things over kannimoola may can cause many problems.

kannimoola is named so because construction of a building is starting in kannimoola.placing of first tile and rock is starting from kannimoola.first marking also should have to started from kannimoola.Making kannimoola dirt will cause many problems.So always be aware of keeping kannimoola clean and tidy.

Making dirt of kannimoola will casue many harmful effects to the whole family and family members.It may can cause loss of money and problems in job etc.So it is always good to make kannimoola free of dirts and such things.Beleiving in this may can helps to prevent many problems.


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