Curry Leaves And Diabetes

Curry leaves have lot of health benefits. Carbazole and alkaloid present in curry leaves will helps to prevent diarrhea. The crush the paste made with curry leaves which is mixed with curd cut IT solution is a good medicine for diarrhea.

People who are suffering you digestive problem can also use curry leaves as a good medicine. In Ayurveda curry leaves are used ask good medicine for many stomach related diseases. One of the other remedy to prevent digestive issues can be like adding of lemon juice with Crush curry leaves like a juice is very good.

Curry leaves are high Reserve of antioxidants. Vitamin A vitamin B Vitamin C are good in prevention of oxidative stress. Curry leaves are good to you use in salads and dishes.

It’s a good remedy to prevent diseases like diabetes. Hyporglycemic properties in this curry leaves as a responsible factor which helps to prevent Diabetes mellitus. It is also a good day prevention and controlling your diseases like cancer. cancer like colorectal cancer prostate cancer andrew blood cancer can be prevented by use of curry leaves