Curry Leaves To Improve Hair Growth

Curry leaves are the one of the most using taste and smell inducer of south Indian dishes.But majority dot know the health and beauty benefits of curry leaves.Using of them are good to prevent obesity and over weight.It is also good to improve hair growth also.

It will prevent premature graying of hair also.Applying of curry leaves boiled oil on the scalp will helps to prevent premature graying of hair.Paste made of curd and crushed curry leaves are good to improve hair growth also.Washing off after 20 minutes of application will give the proper result also.

They  are good to improve the rot strength of hair.Application of milk whcih is mixed of it will improve the root strength of hair.It is also good in prevention of hair growth also.It will encourage the growth of new hairs also.Vitamin B6 present in the that are the responsible factor whcih helps to improve strength of hair.

How We Can Detoxify Curry Leaves

  • Take 20 ml vinegar
  • Mix it with 1 litre of water
  • Dip It in that solution for 20 minutes
  • Then clean it with fresh water

Another Tip

    • Mix 20 gram tamarind in one litre of water.
    • Filter out the solution.
    • Dip it in solution for 20 minutes.