Dandruff Medicine From Fenugreek

Nowadays people who are suffering in dandruff is increasing day by day. But people are using medicines which is made of highly harmful Chemicals. This make and create many health problems.

There are natural method which is effective and easily applicable to prevent dandruff and related problems.Such simple method which is helpful to remove dandruff permanently from scalp and hair. Ingredients needed for this is fenugreek,gooseberry and some curry leaves.

How to make It
put the fenugreek in water for overnight remove the water in the morning.Put the gooseberry which is seed removed into it and add the remaining curry leaves to that mixture

Make the all things very well and keep the mixture for a day on the next add the coconut oil at a minimum of 250 milligram and to boil the coconut oil. l for more than 35 minute till it become lather free.

Allow the mixture to cool you can apply this before or after taking bath using out this mixture regularly will help in preventing lice and dandruff related problems which can increase hair growth also.This is a Perfect medicine. which will prevent many diseases