Dengue Fever Prevention

Death because of fever is increasing day by day. Dengue fever is the main type of fever which leads to this increased mortality rate It is important to prevent the disease

if the disease caused have to be treated properly. Proper medicine and the rest is the main defensive way to prevent dengue fever dengue fever is also called break bone fever. Dengue fever is a viral disease the dengue virus which is spread by mosquito is the main reason behind dengue fever.

If once dengue fever host it will make antibodies over the body for the lifetime the first time of dengue fever is known as Type 1 dengue fever is Dengue fever caused more than one time then then it would be type 2 dengue fever.

Type 3 dengue fever also can be get caused. it is more dangerous than the earlier the most dangerous part of dengue fever is hemorrhage occurring during this.

if the patient get into the stage it will leads to further complication prevention of mosquito bite is the best defense mechanism. the type of mosquitoes which cause dengue fever is edis Egypt and albopictus .if mosquito which have dengue virus bites a healthy person the virus is transmitted through saliva of the mosquito to bloodstream of that healthy man.