Don’t Give Honey To Children,Why To Avoid It?

Don’t Give Honey To Children
One of the most tasty natural dish is honey.It is used as medicines for years and years.It is one of the main traditional medicine in many customs.Sweet which got from honey is as same as that from fructose.Due to less water content in the honey chance of microorganism growth in It is low.

So it can be used as antiseptic,anti fungal and antimicrobial.But for children below one year is not good.Due to some bacterial activity it may can leads to some health problems also.It can affect children’s health oppositely.

Some of the traditional and other branch of medicines are using It for making and as medicine.As per the way of taking honey it will give many health benefits to the body and health.Drinking of that diluted with water will helps to increase the number of red blood corpuscles.It can prevent and reduce fatigue and tiredness.

A fiber named as dectin present in it is saying to be that it is good for diabetic patients.Some studies saying that this finding is false also.It is also good to increase immunity power also.Antioxidants present in the it is responsible for giving immunity power.It is also good for fastest cure of wounds also.