Don’T Give Smart Phones To Children!!

Don’T Give Smart Phones To Children!!
Now a days the main need of children is smartphone.Even as gifts for good marks and other things parents will gift smart phone to children.But everybody have to be think that how much safe is giving a smartphone to a child.In the time of of immaturity in which they can’t identify things which is true and false.This may can cause many problems at present and in future also.Their are lot of reasons are also present for this.

Cyber-wise foundation saying that character of a child get changed once they became familiar to smartphones as like they cant avoid the use of smart phones.Majority of parents are unaware of the problems which may can occur to children due to the use of smartphones.

A large world will get opened spontaneously from a day. Ability to study and to do things are not the measurement of maturity. Ability to find good and bad things should have to be considered.They have to understand the after effects and affections which may can occur due to posting on such a large platforms.

They have to be aware in selection of friends and uploading photos etc.And long term usage may also can affect their study also.


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