Egg To Clear Skin

Egg is a nutrient rich food people are not doubtful about health benefits.Egg is good in beauty benefits also .

it will help to clear the skin remove blackheads and get rid of face pimples also. It will also remove face rashes people who are suffering of hirsutism also can be prevented by use of egg.

let’s see how to use it. Take egg white of two eggs and put in to put it in table mix it very well until a larger comes from it apply the solution over the face and area of affected.

avoid the areas like periorbital and around the mouth.After applying this over the face stick a tissue paper over the face and apply egg white again over this area and allow to dry this for a 30 minutes.

And then try to remove this from upper to down direction and wash the face with cold water this medicine is good to prevent rashes and like face pimples.Rashes because of face pimples and blackheads it will keep the usefulness o skin also.