How To Encourage Hair Growth And Its Maintananace

How To Encourage Hair Growth

Honey and Fenugreek For Good Hair Growth
Ayurveda says that fenugreek is composed of nicotine acid and protein which encourage hair growth. lecithin in the fenugrrek helps to prevent its dryness also. Fenugrrek prevents dandruff also.

How to use this
Take 2 teaspoon of fenugreek in a bowl of water. allow it to dip in water for some time.Keep it for 12 hours.make it as a good mixture using a grinder.Add one spoon of honey in that mixture.apply this mixture on head before bathing.clean it after 2 minutes.

How We Can Straighten Curled Hair Naturally
We all know that their are lot of artificial ways are now available to straighten curled hair.All artificial ways have their own side effects also.Usually curling occurs in hairs without oil contents.

What To Do
1, Take the milk of a coconut
2, Add a juice of lemon on it
3, Cool It For Some Time
4, After that we got a layer on the top of solution
5, Apply it on the hair
6, Cover it with a towel
7, Remove it after one hour and wash it

These all are the beneficial ways which helps to improve hair growth.This remedies are also good to maintain health of hair also