Do not forget our eyes when we spend a lot of time in front of computer or smart phones. the continuous exposure to the digital monitor increases the stress open eyes and creates certain eye ailments. if we took enough preventive measures, our eyes will be out of danger from many eye related problems. Let us discuss some simple exercises which benefits the eye muscles and brought down the stress on eyes. Hope this content helps you to save your beautiful eyes from several hazards.These exercises are very simple practices that can be done in your home itself. People who have some eye problems should be taken permission from an ophthalmologist.

The eye related problems are seem to be common among IT professionals. This is because of the lack of movement of eyelids during the time of job., movement of eyelids are reduces when we watching a movie or the internet surfing . So it is advised that you have to blink our eyes intermittently. This will increase our blood circulation to the eyes and keep our eye hydrated. There after keep eyes closed for 20 seconds. this will ensure enough rest for eyes. So blink your eyes when you use your computer or phones.

Secondly, rub your hands until it become hot and place your arms above the eyes. This is a very simple and convenient exercise for everyone. Take enough rest . close your eyes. move your pupils to four sides of the eyes. this constant movement helps you to keep your eye muscle intact and healthy.Moreover, concentrate on objects nearer and farther is also an exercise recommended by health professionals.During this time you are not allowed to move your neck.

Last but not least, place a pen at a distance of one hand. then move this pen until it disappear from your eye lines of both sides. There are also some nutritious agents also prevalent to promote health of eyes. milk, small fishes are said to be good for eyes.
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