Why Feel Of Cold Over Extremities Occur

Why Feel Of Cold Over Extremities Occur
Some peoples has the feel of cold over their extremities.This effect is termed as cold feet.Some people has this feel as their nature of the body.But always feeling the same is not good may be it could be sign of many serious diseases.Let see what all reason are the main causes of feeling cold extremities.

It is a disease in which blood vessels obstructs the normal blood flow.It is an auto immune disorder.In this coldness occur when blood flow to the area decreases or get stopped.

Reynolds phenomenon
It is a normal phenomenon in which body become automatically cold when stress occur to the body.

Thyroid Problems
Thyroid related problems also can cause the feel of cold over extremities.IT is due to the failure of thyroid gland in convert oxygen and food to energy causes the cold extremities.

Blood supply
Improper blood supply also cause the same issue. Altered blood pumping and obstruction due to fat or cholesterol deposition over the blood vessels also can cause the Cold Extremities.

Hypo tension
Low blood pressure also leads to the problem of cold extremities.

It is also a reason for the same issue.It will reduce oxygen and blood supply.This cause the problem