How To Find Garlic Adulteration

How To Find Garlic Adulteration
Garlic is a high nutritious and medicinal value food item.It is a good spice and taste inducer also.It has numerous health benefits.But now a days each and every food items are adulterated.Even fruits and vegetable also get adulterated with chemicals and other items.Which is harmful and dangerous to health also.

As like every fruits and vegetables garlic is also get adulterated.Have to differentiate adulterated and fresh garlic.It can make many harmful effects to the body.It is whiter than normal.this white color is because of bleaching it.Use of chemical at this time can make many harmful effects to the body.This bleaching will prevent growth and decay of garlic.

Main chemical using for this is methyl bromide.It also may can leads to even death also.The main beneficial thing in garlic is the content named as allicin. When adding of led and sulfate to garlic will cause destroy of allicin. Both are used for getting long life for garlic without decay.

This adulterated garlic is more shaped as round and thin.Usually the root and stem are removed to get exported.So best idea to get rid of this adulterated garlic is to avoid choosing of garlic in which stem and roots where cut off.


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