First Aid For Heart Attack And Prevention Of Heart Attack

How To Make Heart Safe From Diseases

  • New studies saying that the rate of heart diseases are increasing day by day.Modern food and life style is the reason behind this drastic increase of heart diseases.
  • Intake of liquor in little amount is good for the health of heart.But the intake of high quantity of liquor leads to hypertension. and their by heart diseases also.
  • Intake of sugar contented foods also encourage cardiac problems.
  • But coconut water very good beverage to prevent cardiac problems

How We Can Identify Heart Attack

  • Pain over the left side or central part of the chest
  • Radiating Pain over Back side and hands or at abdominal part
  • Increased breath rate along with chest pain
  • Over tiredness without any subjective reason
  • Profuse sweating is the main sign in females

Heart attack is diseases which occur due to occlusion to the coronary arteries which supplies blood and oxygen to the heart.Occlusion may be occured due to the laque accumulation over the inner layers of the blood vessels. Which is a deadly diseases also.Even their is many remedies and ways to cure and recover heart in all cases prevention is better than cure and it make more safe to live.