Food has an important role in determining the emotions of human beings. Various studies conducted in many people states that different cuisines have different ability to influence the character of individual. Most people are unaware about such things when they choose something to eat. Now a days It is not a matter of behaviour , it is all about availability and affordability of food. Many studies reveal that food habits has an key part in developing characters. Certain foods are responsible to cause anger and violent behaviour because of its nature of constituents. As such selecting a food is  not a child play or easy thing , it should be based on certain things that we can discuss below.

It means that even though we ha have a good diet , it may not be kept us happy. Some sorts of food may fuel violent behaviour and cause anger in human beings. Identifying such food and limit the consumption of these food may help us to control our emotions and maintain our personality and character in a desirable manner. here we would like to enlist certain food products and its characteristic features which contribute extreme emotions in humans. Spicy food are coming first under this list.

Many people know that excessive consumption of spicy food can cause several health related problems. Peptic ulcer, gastric ulcer , hypertension like health ailments are commonly associated with spicy food. A new research study conducted on several people revealed that spicy food make people so prone to get anger. These types of extreme emotions invites several threat to human body.

So those people who have complaints of hypertension and related problems had better to avoid excessive spicy food.Vine and alcohol are other products which can strongly influence the behaviour of human beings. Omega 3 fatty acids are such chemicals in our body which helps to maintain the body calm and quiet. Higher amounts of fat food and fast food contains large quantities of oil and cholesterol. Higher cholesterol mechanism reduces the omega 3 fatty acids. I t had better to regulate the consumption of fat food. In addition to that , coffee and tea are such drinks too cause angry related behaviour.

However many people find very difficulty to control the habit of drinking tea and coffee. Many fast foods like mixture, cookies and chips can increase the blood sugar level and easily get diverted from mood. Chewing gums and chocolates over consumption also lead to cause extreme emotions