Food Which Have To Be Avoided In Combination

Food habits have a great rolling contributing diseases along with the health eating of foods like repeated cooked and food which preserved in fridge can cause serious diseases.

The thing this is also important that quality of food is also important with what we eat. There are lot of opposite foods which should not be taken in combination.

This may can cause serious health issues this would make and converted to poison when they combined. it will cause Insomnia fatigue skin diseases and fistula.

let’s see some that type of food items which should not have to be take together banana and milk is one of the main opposite food eaten can cause allergy sputum production cold.

Both of them have different digestive properties even both are sugar content so the enzymes using for the digestion of both banana and milk is different.

Because health issues in eating milk and watermelon is also problematic. digestion time taken for processing both of this is different.

They can stop digestion also fruits have to be avoided along with other foods fruits can be easily digested but some other type of hard foods will take more time for digestion potato and alcohol are also opposite food a content which present in potato which can cause serious health issues when it combined with alcohol