Fruits In Empty Stomach Benefits

Fruits In Empty Stomach Benefits
Fruits are one the most health beneficial food item.Free from fat and abdominal issues makes its importance to high level.But some things have to remembered before taking every food items.As like as it applicable in the case of fruits also.Let see what all are they.

Eating fruits while stomach s full is not an encouragable habit. It may can leads to slowing the digestion of food.Take food only after 2 or 3 hours.

During bygone days our ancestors says that fruits have to be taken in empty stomach for its high nutritional and health benefit. Usually when fruits eat enzyme production will happen in stomach.Which will catalyses digestion and nutrient absorption.Eating of fruits in empty stomach will helps to increase pace of digestion.

Taking of fruits before breakfast is the better time to get the maximum nutrient value.Time between breakfast and lunch is also a good time for that.

Peoples who have plan for dieting have to take fruits along with curd and salt as salad is a better option to reduce weight and to maintain health,

Children who shows dislike towards fresh fruits have to be encouraged by fruit salad,shakes and juices. Which is more effective also than other ways