Fruits And Vegetables Which Should Not Kept Inside The Fridge

Fruits And Vegetables Which Should Not Kept Inside The Fridge
Keeping of fruits and vegetables in fridge is a good preserving method.Which is is following since long time.But all food materials are not apt for that.Some of the fruits and vegetables become harmful for the body if we kept it in the fridge.Let see what all are the type of fruits which we have to kept outside fridge.

If we kept this vegetable in fridge it give appearance of old vegetable and become soft.It is not good and not edible.So we should have to avoid cold atmosphere to keep shallot.

Banana is a tasty and nutritional fruit.Keeping it in the fridge will makes it destroyed,It will leads to potassium loss of the banana.So banana should ahve to kept on normal atmospheric temperature.

Potato is also not good to keep it in fridge.If it get cold their may be chance for converting of starch in the potato to sugar.So keeping potato in normal temperature is always beneficial.

Majority of peoples are keeping tomato int he fridge.But keeping of tomato like that will leads to loss of its quality.It also may can leads to fungal growth also.

5,Olive oil
Cooling of olive oil will leads to semi solid appearance of olive oil.It may can be converted to harmful materials to body.