Graying Prevention Using Potato

Graying Prevention Using Potato
Now days graying become a common thing in every body.Without any difference in age and sex graying become a great problem for every body.Even peoples in younger age are also affected of the same,.Let see some simple medicine therapy to prevent premature graying
Applying of coconut oil boiled with curry leaves in hair
Washing of hair with cooled water in which gooseberry is boiled .
Apply curd solution in which curry leaves paste has been added.Keep it as same for one hour and wash it off.done it once in 3 days.
Application of the combination made of almond oil and coconut oil over the hair.
Powder of crushed pea is also a good remedy.
Take juice of an onion,make it as paste with a boiled egg,Take t in the morning with 2 teaspoon of honey mixed with it.
Add lot of vegetable in diet.

premature graying id a problem which majority were facing without any difference of sex.It will affect beauty conscious and self confidence of an individual. Their are lot of artificial methods are available to prevent this problem.But use of such methods may can cause many health issues.Because almost all artificial dyer are used of chemicals which can make serious side effects also.