Guava Leaves Health Benefits

Guava is a tasty fruit. It is good too iIT for both test and health. It can provide many nutrients. Vitamin C present in guava is good too prevent problems and diseases related to eye.

About Goa not only the floor fruit but also the leaf is also good for health and also good in prevention of many diseases.

Guava leaves is good to start dieting. It will sims 2 reduce body weight. Values will prevent the compounds which is responsible for the transition of carbohydrate.

Guava leaves is good to reduce the blood glucose level. And thereby it can prevent the chances diabetes. And the people who are suffering of diabetes mellitus can be practice guava leaves tea to get rid of this disease.

Leaf of this plant is to prevent problem success diarrhea and dysentery the antimicrobial property present in the leaf of guava is responsible factor which prevent diarrhoea.