Health Benefits Of Chappathi

Health Benefits Of Chappathi
Now a days majority of keralites has been stopped taking of rice and rice soup for supper.They changed it to chappathi. In previous times chappathi lovers are north Indians. Now a days it is a common food among Keralites also.People who were planning for dieting,reduce food and also for some of patients chapathi is a good dish and diet.

Wheat is a healthy food for human.Their are lot health benefits in taking wheat or chapathi. Let see what all are they.

It contain plenty of proteins which will helps to prevent and cure fatigue.

Chappathi can cure kidney stone also.

It contains lot of fibers whcih will helps to prevent constipation also.

It is also good to improve health of bones and it will prevent diabetes melitus also.

Vitamin present in the chappathi will helps in preventing bad mouth odor.

It is also good to reduce blood pressure and prevention of hypertension. It is also good to clean blood from other poisons.

It is also good to prevent cancer also.Contents like selenium and vitamin E present in it is responsible in prevention of cancer.It is also good for maintaining health of heart. Bacause it is free from all factors which is harmful for cardiac health.