Health Benefits Of Lemon Peel,Way To Use

Health Benefits Of Lemon Peel
Citrus fruits are composed of lot of health benefits and medicinal benefits.The main citrus fruits are lemon and orange.Usually majority like to dump the peel of fruit after eating of flesh.Some of the recent study says that peels of this fruits has health benefits as same as that of fruit also.Let see the health benefits of citrus fruits especially lemon peel.

Lemon peel contains of calcium,vitamin C,antioxidants and potassium in plenty.Potassium present in it will helps to prevent hypertension and to normalize blood pressure.A content named as limonene present in lemon will helps to prevent cancer also.

It is a good antimicrobial agent.A study published in British journal of pharmacology and toxicology saying that it can destroy many harmful microbial agents which is harmful to body.

High level antioxidants present in lemon peel in good in prevention of cancer at DNA level.

It is also good to prevent heart diseases also.Journal of agriculture and food chemistry saying that citrus peel can reduce high cholesterol level and thereby preventing heart diseases also.

It is also good to prevent diabetes also.It also prevent obesity by controlling triglycerides level.

It can be used with yogurt,fruit salads and dishes made of fruits.

Thing to remember is peoples having kidney problems,kidney stone and calcium deficiency only practice this after consulting doctor.