Health Benefits Of Passion Fruit

Health Benefits Of Passion Fruit
One of the most available fruit in our market is passion fruit.Easy cultivation may be the reason behind it making as a common fruit in our locality. Their are lot of studies are conducted to find the health benefits of passion fruit.It is good in prevention of asthma and hypertension.

Let see some more health benefits of passion fruit.
It is a great reservoir of nutrients and minerals.It is fully composed of fibers which were helpful in easy digestion.IN 100 grams of pulp id composed of 27 percentage of fibers. Vitamin c is present in plenty.It is good in prevention of diseases like fruit flu,cold and fever.

presence of vitamin A id good in prevention of eye related problems and it will increase visual ability also. Potassium present in passion fruit is good to prevent many life style disorders such hypertension. Thereby passion fruit id good to prevent and resist cardiovascular related problems also.

Even magnesium and calcium is only in little amount it is good for muscles and bones.This fruit is free form cholesterol also.Vitamin A and vitamin C is the main nutrient present in passion fruit. Vitamin present in the passion fruit is good to prevent many nutrient deficient diseases.