Health Benefits of Pot-Tamarind And Its Usage.

Health Benefits of Pot-Tamarind And Its Usage.
Tamarind is one of the most used in dishes in India especially in Kerala.It is used as several medicinal ingredient also.It is a good combination medicine.Flower of it is in yellowish white color.Usually it will flowering on December,march months.During June,July months pot tamarind will get orange yellowish color.

Shell of pot tamarind is the main usable part.Seed,leaf skin of root are the other parts which is used.It is used as both medicine and food traditionally.Shell contains lot of nutrients,minerals and acids.Mainly it contains of hydroxy citric acid,tartaric acid,and ascorbic acid.It also contains,starch and fat also.

Washing mouth using pot tamarind boiled water is good to become strong gums.It is also good to prevent tear on the areas of lips and foot.

Pot tamarind is also good to prevent gas problems and digestion problems.Its crushed paste of leaf is used as ointment for pain and other related issues.

Skin part of root can be used as paste after get crushed form will give relief to prevent some skin problems also.Regular intake of pot tamarind is good for prevention of diabetes melitus also.

These all are the main health benefits of pot tamarind. It is also good for many traditional medicine also.