Health Benefits OF Tomato Juice

Tomato is a normal vegetable which Kerala its are using in 20. It can be eaten in different ways. Some people use it has juice and somewhere take it in during breakfast. but drinking tomato juice along with breakfast will give many health benefits. Drinking of this after adding some amount of honey in it will give double effect of actual benefits.

dietitians who have plan to reduce the weight of their clients is mainly doing this by tomato juice to their diet.

It is good to prevent constipation also taking you tomato juice along with breakfast will prevent abdominal and digestion and related problems and it is a good laxative also if it encourage digestion. It is good to prevent hyper cholesterol level and encourage blood circulation all over the body. Thereby it is good to give better cardiac health to the body. Antioxidants present in Honey is also good for heart.

There are lot of Vitamins present in Honey. It contains Vitamins like Vitamin C and vitamin A,