How To Prevent Sleep While Driving

How To Prevent Sleep While Driving
Now a days rate of accidents are increasing day by day.Moreover the fact is acceptable that majority is happening during midnight and morning.It meant that such accidents are due to sleeping of drivers while driving.

Even the truth driver of the vehicle is how much efficient.Some time he can’t stop sleep.If it reach the threshold of brain sleep will definitely affect brain.opening windows and high sound music will not help in some times.

If following signs reaches to the driver he has to stop vehicle suddenly.Let see what all are the sign and symptoms.

Weight over eyes

Continuous eye blinking

Loss of attention from driving

Thought about distance to be driven

These all are the main signs which brain gives before sleep.Pace of each part of body is needed for normal activity of body.If it lost even driving is also not possible.So it is better to stop vehicle if body exhibit such signs for sleep.

Sleep well before long drive.Make sure more than 8 hour sleep has taken before went for sleep.Accompany one more person who know driving.Keep drinks like which helps to prevent sleep.Avoid over confidence while running vehicle. Give sufficient rest for body.Make sure driver is efficient to drive.