Is Our Brushing With Tooth Paste Dangerous

Is Our Brushing With Tooth Paste Dangerous
Can’t imagine brushing without tooth paste now a days.Majority of the tooth paste companies saying in their advertisement as their brand is the best friend of tooth.Bu the thing to remember is best friend of tooth is our habits.So their are some things to remember before choosing tooth paste.At the minimum people who using tooth paste have to know what all are the ingredients which is using in tooth paste.Almost all tooth paste cover is written on their cover about ingredients using in it.Some of the brand tooth paste are made of lot of pesticides which is harmful to health.If that tooth paste is present of any of the following ingredients is dangerous to health.

Some tooth paste are tasty to brush.The ingredient which used to give feel of taste is saccharin.It is too much harmful for health of body and tooth.These artificial taste making substance can make problems related to ear,nausea and some other health problems like fatigue and head ache also.

One of the main content used in majority of the tooth paste are fluoride.Companies saying that this is good for the strength of tooth.But other side of fluoride is dangerous.It is a byproduct of industrial waste.

3,Sodium lorail sulfate
This content may can cause even cancer also.This is the substance which make tooth paste hard and lather making substance.This is powerful as much it can kill organisms in water.This means we are using a pestiside for cleaning tooth.

4,Propalin glycol
It is a derivative of alcohol.Which is mainly is in paint,warmish and engine coolant.But use of this content is used according to pharmaceutical gradient.

It is also a commonest content as like fluoride.It is also used in deodorants and face wash.It is also used in toilet cleaners detergents and hand washes.It can destroy bacteria and fungus.