Lime Juice And Chilly Powder Benefits

Lime Juice And Chilly Powder Benefits
Lime juice or a lemon water is common drink.It is an enegetisisng and nutritional drink also.Majority of peoples like to drink lemon juice also.It is not only familiar to village peoples but also to urban population also.The thing is refreshing and energetically capacity makes it as most loving drink.

Their are lot of varieties of lemon juice or lime juice are available now.It is differentiated actually by add some simple ingredients which stimulate taste.Sugar salt are the main thing which we are usually using.Now lets try a different ingredient which is chilly powder.It is not only tasty and spicy but also it is beneficial to health also.Majority will think drinking lemon juice when they feel tired and need water.Because of its wonderful fatigue removing capacity.Drinking of lemon juice in a hot and sweated body appearance is good refreshing one.Let see what all are the benefits of chilly powder.

How to make it
Squeeze a lemon in half boiled half glass of water.Add 1/4 teaspoon chilly and one teaspoon honey to it.Now the chilly lemon water is ready to drink.

Benefits Of Chilly Lemon Water
It is good to improve health of liver.
It will prevent cancer growth and also prevent cancer disease also.
It also prevent common cold and sputum accumulation
Regular drinking of chilly added lemon water can reduce over accumulation of cholesterol also
Some of the studies saying that this drink can improve immunity also.

Its antibacterial property makes this drink prevention of infections over the body.
It will improve digestion also
Digestion improvement make body free from gas problems
This drink also makes fast recovery from tooth and gum problems
This drink will maintain normal blood pressure by improving the blood circulation over the body
By all these thong s we can say that this is a wonderful drink which helps to improve health and [event many health problems also