Medicinal Use Of Mimosa Pudica

Medicinal Use Of Mimosa Pudica

One of the most easily available plant in the surroundings of south is mimosa pudica. Majority thought this plant is as just a waste and have to be removed.They don’t know the medicinal uses of this plant.

It is also termed as touch me or not, because leaves of plant become folded even from the single touch on the plant.It is one the playing plant o f children.But some have the fear toward to it because of the presence of thorn in it.

Solution medicine made from this plant is good to cure and prevent diseases related to urinary tract.Also used as medicine for edema over many parts of the boy.

Paste made from the leaves of this plant is good to prevent and cure migraine by applying over forehead for some time.Leaves are also good to control diabetes also.

Some studies saying that it is good to prevent liver intoxication also.Leaves and root of this plant have antibacterial,antiviral,anti fungal and antibiotic will helps in fast healing of wounds also.

Ins some states of India a medicine made from root of mimosa pudica is using as a contraceptive method also.