Medicine For Fatty Liver

Medicine For Fatty Liver
Liver is one of the most important organ in the human body.Which is the largest gland in the human body also.Liver is the responsible organ which helps in elimination of waste from the body and waste management of the human body itself.

So even any simple issue to the liver may can leads to many serious health issues.Decrease in ability to manage the fat disintegration is called fatty liver.It may can leads to complicate conditions like heart attack and diabetes.Which may also leads to complete liver damage also.

But a natural medicine made of easily available raw materials which is present with in the home will helps to cure and prevent fatty liver and liver related disease with in 3 days.Let see how to make it,

Orange juice-half cup
Olive oil -half table spoon
Garlic extract – half table spoon
Crushed ginger- half table spoon.

How to make
Mix olive oil and garlic extract with orange juice.Mix it well.Let make a mixer to make it mix well.Keep it for a full day.add crushed ginger on the next day morning.The medicine is ready to prevent and cure fatty liver.The thing to remember is don’t make it in the quantity more than 3 days.