Medicine For Knife Injury

Medicine For Knife Injury
everybody have a wish to be healthy and safety.But some times intentional and non intentional errors may can make problems related to health and safety. Injuries are the main thing whcih make an obstruction to keep safe.

But some simple tricks may can helps to keep safe health.Some tricks will give fast cure also .Let see some simple tricks to prevent and keep safe health of human body.let see some simple kitchen tricks for that.

Majority don’t know what to do if knife injury occur to fingers or any other parts of human body.

Take a peeled shallot and clean it well. After get it crushed band aid shallot over the injured area.It will helps to prevent over blood flow and antiseptic property will helps in prevention of infection also.

Shallot is also good in prevention of high cholesterol level in blood.It is a good preventive medicine of cancers like breast cancer also.Prevention of lung cancer also can be done through shallot.

Turmeric is also good prevention of many diseases.It will encourage fast cure of wounds also.It is a good remedy in prevention of ineffective diseases also.

Cumin is a good kitchen measure to prevent digestive problems also.