Medicine Which Makes Hypertension And Cholesterol To Normal

Medicine Which Makes Hypertension And Cholesterol To Normal

Now a days majority of death is related to cardiovascular diseases.Some studies saying that death due ot cardiovascular diseases are occurring in each 43 seconds all over the world.Basic reason for majority of cardiac diseases is due to hypertension and high cholesterol level in the body.

Making cholesterol and blood pressure in normal will helps to prevent cardiac related issue to some extend.It will helps in prevention of stroke also. Regular exercise and good food habits are the ways which helps to maintain such parameters normal in our body.

But their is a simple medicine which helps to make blood pressure and cholesterol to normal.Let see how to make this simple concoction.

Garlic – 1 piece
Crushed ginger – 1/2 teaspoon
Lemon juice – half of the slice
Honey – One table spoon
Apple cedar vinegar – 1 table spoon

How to make it
Mix all the ingredients in mentioned quantity well.Mix it until the solution become smooth.Keep it in a fridge as covered,Take half table spoon of this concoction every day before meals. This will helps to prevent blood pressure and cholesterol level to normal.All ingredients are easily available that is the main merit of this medicine.which is easy to make and free from side effects.