Medicine To Prevent Tooth Decay

Medicine To Prevent Tooth Decay

Now A days with out any difference of age majority of the populations are affected of tooth problems.Rate of increase in tooth problem is also in an increasing session.Everybody chooses unnatural fast recovery ways even for small problems.In our early days our ancestress are followed lot of simple natural therapies to prevent tooth ache.

Here we are going to explore a simple and powerful natural method to prevent tooth ache.
1,gargle with ripened mango tree leaf boiled water

Now a days rate of people who were suffering of tooth problems are increasing day by day.Some have pain which make problems even in taking food also.

Their are some natural remedies which helps to cure and prevention of tooth decay.Making of medicine with easily available raw materials is always beneficial.

Let see how to make a super medicine which helps to prevent tooth decay and related problems.

Cloves oil
Garlic juice

How to make it
Take all ingredients one teaspoon each.Mix it will until it become a paste like appearance.

Apply this solution over the area were tooth decay and tooth ache present.Repeat it 2 times in a day for continuous 2 months.Antibacterial properties of this solution is responsible for prevention of tooth decay.