Why Mosquitoes Have Special Preference For Biting

Why Mosquitoes Have Special Preference For Biting
Their is an interesting fact that mosquitoes choose some people even if they are sitting in a group for biting.Their are some scientific reasons for this.One of the main reason is blood group.

Mosquitoes have greater affinity towards the people having o blood group.They are least interested in A group people.Rest of blood groups are in between them with B and AB in respective positions.

Carbon dioxide is also a factor which affect blood group.people who were emitting more carbon dioxide are more lovable for them.It is the reason why they choose elders when compared to children.They also choose pregnant ladies also because of this reason.

Active peoples are also prone to bite.It is because of the smell of sweat.Smell will attract misquotes and leads to bite also.Sweat smell contains lactic acid,uric acid smells.This make mosquitoes to choose such peoples.

People having cholesterol deposition between skin are also prone to bite.But it doesn’t mean that they have high cholesterol level in blood.b They are more prone to bite when compare to other group of people.

Beer lovers are also lovable group for mosquitoes.Some of the studies are stated it as a correct thing.At the time of drinking ethanol smell will emitted through sweat this make them attracted to such group of people.