Mouth Ulcer Prevention

Oral Ulcer Or Mouth Ulcer

Mouth ulcer is also known as oral ulcer.It is a common disorder also.Plenty of peoples are suffering from this disease.Mouth ulcer is occurring due to the breakage in the mucous membrane of the mouth.It may can occur due to in association with other diseases and also can occur due to nutrient deficiencies also.It is disease which affect without any difference in age and sex.It may can affect new born child as well as in old peoples also.Some times mouth ulcer will cause many problems.Not even serious difficulties and disturbance due to oral ulcer is not small.It may cause due to many reasons.

Main reason behind causing of oral ulcer is due to the deficiency of vitamin B. sleeplessness,mental stress and tensions,constipation ,Digestive problem etc will also leads to oral ulcer.Main symptom of the disease is wound formation in the areas like inner side of cheek,tongue,gums lips etc.Usually wound will heal with in one week.Bit may persist more than one week in some peoples also.The pain due to this wounds will cause problem and pain during eating,brushing etc.

Eating of nutrient rich complete foods and Vitamin B complex supplement will also give fast cure for mouth ulcer.Food items like vitamin B rich curd solutions,fruits,Vegetables,liver,leafy vegetables,and fish are vitamin B rich foods.Regular sleep will also give fast recovery from mouth ulcer.Drinking if water in plenty will also helps to prevent mouth ulcer due to less sleep.