Natural Insulin Bitter gourd ,How to Use It

Natural Insulin Bitter guard ,How to Use It

Type 2 diabetes is occurring when cells cant absorb sugar from blood due to the deficiency of insulin.An enzyme named as activated protein kinase or AMP is the responsible enzyme whcih aids absorption of sugar from body and blood. Thereby bitter gourd can helps in controlling diabetes also.

Bitter gourd also contain a content named as polypeptide p.It is as same as insulin in properties.Some of the recent studies saying that this content can control and prevent diabetes. Charatnin is also a content present in it.It is also good in prevention of of high sugar level and diabetes.It can also reduce blood glucose level.

Bitter gourd helps in controlling blood sugar level and it increase the insulin level in the body. Regular intake of bitter guard helps to control diabetes melitus. But the amount should have to be taken is according to advice from doctor.

Bitter gourd is using as herbal medicine for many years.It is a good laxative and emetic also.It is also used in treatment of cough also.It has some adverse effects also.It can cause hypoglycemia,diarrhea,fever abdominal pain also. Pregnant women should have to avoid usage of bitter gourd. It has also a name as bitter melon.