How Oil Application Before Bath Affects Health

How Oil Application Before Bath Affects Health
Once a student asked to Hippocrates what is your reason behind the health.He answered that bath after oil application and honey drink is the secret behind his health.

In bygone days our ancestors and found the answer importance of oil application and how it affect health.At that time they experiences a healthy long life.Bit they didn’t did any special thing for health at that time.

They worked hard,they eat after get strong hungry and bath after good application oil over head are the main reason which they become healthily better than the present generation.

One of the good remedy to prevent sputum accumulation and sinus related problem is application of oil over head before went to bath.Center part of the head is are where nervous system got centered.When water filtered over their which result in cold and other sinus problems.

In bygone days rainy season was not fever season.Reason is that they used oil application over head before went to bath.Oil application prevent entering of sweat and water over head an d their by such diseases are preventable also.

But to be aware that oil which is free from water content should have to be used for this.