Why Packet Juices Are Dangerous To Health.

Why Packet Juices Are Dangerous To Health.
Juices are good for health.But some of the recent studies saying that packet juices may can leads to many disease like cancer.

The study report is formulated after taking 2200 peoples opinion about this topic.This study they discovers that peoples who taking fruits in the form of juice are 10 percentage more prone to cancer that that of who are taking in normal form.

Peoples who are taking a minimum 3 glasses of juices are prone to rectal cancer.Mainly this problems creating agents are juices which are available in packet forms.

Sugar in the juice is the main anti-hero in the drink. Normally when juices get packed almost its nutrient value will be get lost.

Nutrients like vitamin C,fibre and antioxidants in the fruits are usually prevents cancer,But when it is converted to juice all its nutritive value including mentioned above will lost.

Taking of fruits as its original form are always better for health.