Plantain Stem Juice,Medicinal Uses

Health Benefits Of Banana Tree Stem
We all know that banana is a high calorie food and high medicinal value.But not only the banana but also the banana tree stem is also a good medicine for many diseases.Let see what all are the health benefits of banana tree stem.

1,Prevent urinary tract stone.
Banana tree stem is a good medicine to prevent urinary tract stem.It is good to reduce size of gall bladder stone also.Eating minimum of 2 times in a week will helps to prevent diseases relates to stone.

2,To reduce weight
Majority are thinking how we to reduce weight. Fiber rich banana tree stem is a good choice to reduce weight.It will cut appetite for sometime and their by reduce weight also

3,Prevents hyper acidity
Acidity is a main issue now the new generation facing.Banana stem juice is the food of choice hyper acidity.Drinking of juice in empty stomach 3 times in a week is good to prevent hyper acidity.

4,Prevents Constipation
Fibre richness of banana tree stem is good to prevent constipation.Eating of banana tree stem is good to prevent constipation.

5,Prevent diabetes.
Eating of banana tree stem is good to maintain blood sugar level also. Their by maintain blood sugar level.

6,Prevent urinary tract infection
Banana stem juice is good to prevent urinary tract infection also.